Teatro Inercia


Theatre beyond words


Founded in 1990 in Berlin, Germany by Shanti Oyarzabal, has inserted itself into the stream of Contemporary Physical Theater.

From THE BEGINNING Shanti Oyarzabal has been motivated from gesture and silence and progressed into different areas of body theatre.In 1990,Shanti Oyarzabal founded the Teatro Inercia in Berlin.This has been the platform for a long string of Works.

In his perfomances,of wich the essence is not what is said but what is communicated trhough the whole body.Here the body is considered an unknown landscape that invites one to explore its hidden manifestations,and feelings are the unstoppable flowing river that traverses it.

Whether solo or ensemble Works,his pieces are about human existential conflicts.Technical and aesthetic control and the manipulation of space draw the spectator,through creative and sensitive imagery and body language,into a confrontation with him/herself.

Contact with a variety of movement techniques and body disciplines have strongly influenced his work wich has progressively developed from contemporary Mime towards a Body Theatre in wich Theatre and Dance merge.

2012  My God! Teatro Jiménez Rueda, Teatro de la Danza, Teatro Flores Canelo

2012 A Flor de Piel Salón de Danza de la UNAM

2007 Escaramuza Theater Forum Kreuzberg, Berlin

2000 Terra Nostra Festival Reservoir IV Kleine Wasserspeicher von Berlin/ Prenslauerberg

1999 Transparency Werkstatt der Kulturen, Berlin

1998 Transmutation Werkstatt der Kulturen, Berlin 1996  Jeroglifo Theater Zerbrochenes Fenster, Berlin

1995 Stranger/ Fliegendes Theater, Berlin Mirame no más Foro Shakespeare, México

1994 My God! Strassenbahn Depot , Moabit, Berlin

1992 Chac-mool Theater Zerbrochenes Fenster, Berlin

1991 You cannot scape Teatro Helénico, México.

1990 Amoratado Ensemble Theater, Berlin, Festival  Internacional Cervantino, Guanajuato, México  

Teatro Inerciaexplores the relationships of bodies in space, purifying themselves of learned and coded behaviors, searching instead for natural and organic movements, free of tension, leading to the expression beyond words of the whole being.