Shanti Oyarzabal

Shanti Oyarzabal was born in Mexico-City and studied social Anthropology, acting, pantomime and dance.

In 1979 he presents his first performance of the “Pantomima Manias”  in the “Casa del Lago” of the UNAM.

Motivated by the force of gesture and  silence, he travelled to Paris to study Body Mime  with Etienne Decroux and he took part in different courses and workshops with different masters, for example Yves Lebreton, Shiro Daimon und the Butoh dancing group Sankai-Juku. In Paris he realized in 1984 his performance “disonancias”, which he also presented in different festivals in Europe.

In 1987 he travelled to Germany, where he lives, and founded “El Teatro Inercia”. In Berlin in 1990 he realized the creation and the direction of the following pieces:

Since then he has combined the creation and direction of his own pieces with the teaching of courses and workshops  which are given in different  schools and institutions.

His interest for teaching and the investigation of different techniques brought him to extend his vision of space, light and sound and to open his work for artists of various disciplines.

He also realized a series of solo performances, designed for museums, galas and festivals.