My God!

My God!is a physical theater piece concieved for 12 performers, 12 overcoats and 12 frames.

Through movement, gestures, voice and emotions, the play exposes rivalry and conflict between the sexes, the distancing and coming together of couples, everyday urban rituals that reveal the absurdity of human behavior.

The characters represent contemporary individuals, inhabitants of any city, and they are present at all times on stage, all wearing overcoats.

The overcoats are an extension of their body, understood as wrappers, shells, wings, denoting codes of conduct and behavior, as well as belonging to a group.

The dramatic structure, is based on the game with the overcoats, whose function during the play is, on the one hand, to be an integral part of the actors and on the other, to form the mobile scenery.

Throughout the play the overcoats transform continually with the situation of the twelve characters, who are framed in a universe full of contradictory situations. These situations reveal their inner world and their unconscious drives, leading them to the limit of their emotions, and reaching an unexpected climax.

My God! is a constant oscillation between order and chaos, an endless game of  static scenes and moving images, where the feelings and emotions of the characters are mixed and overflow, from one scene to the next, forming a mosaic of experiences and situations that trigger an infinite number of associations in the spectator.

Creation and Direction :    Shanti Oyarzabal

Director Assistance:          Melisa Ayala

Executive Producer :         Victor M. Gómez Villaverde

Actors:  Ana Monroy, Carolina Contreras, Teresa Carlos

             Yáñez, Yadira Pérez, Jessica Esther Moreno,

             Alejandra Lugo, Edgar Omar Moreno,

             Ulises Rocha, Sergio Solis, Gabriel Martínez,

             Dettmar, Yáñez, Medín Villatoro

Lighting:         Carolina Jiménez

Music:            Original Composition  Eduardo Palacio   

Except            Ventilator Bues (Jagger/ Richards) y

                       Vassillissa (Zelwer)

Costumes:      Atzin Hernández

Props :            Pablo Cervantes

Photographs:   Christa Cowrie,Pablo Cervantes Calderón,

                         Miguel Angel Gómez


Duration:          80 Minutos