Transmutation is a work which theme is matter's form and essence in everlasting change. Through gesture, movement and corporeal acting, the change from one state to another is expressed; where the human, animal, and vegetable realms, form part of an endless spiral, that reveals us the constant flow between life and death. It's inspired in the mythology of the Huichol people from Mexico, who conceived the Blue Deer Kauyumari as a very special god.


Between 1998 and 2008, this piece has been performed at Werkstatt der Kulturen and Hoch Schule der Kúnste, in Berlin; Foro de las Artes CNA, in Mexico City; International Mime Festival, in Reus, Spain; International Mime Square Festival, in Aarschot, Belgium; International Theatre Festival, in Stamsund, Norway.


Original Concept and Performance: Shanti Oyarzabal

Lighting Design: Imma Sarries Zgons and Jesús Avila

Masks: Antonio González y Edmundo Torres

Music: Zap-Mama, Spirit Drums, M. Kirschke, Tania Favre, Tribu, Huichol Ceremonial Chant