Is a work that shows the relationship between a man and a woman, conceived as two complementary and contradictory beings, as two different forces that attract and reject each other. The characters' bodies are unknown territory: a container of memories and sensory impulses that are installed in each and every nerve, in each and every skin pore.

Through diverse ranges and qualities of movement, in an open space with different levels, the characters' inner world and unconscious impulses are revealed.

Premiere in 2006, at International Mime Square Festival, in Aarschot, Belgium; and Theatre Forum, in Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany.

Original Concept: Shanti Oyarzabal

Performers: Naomi D´Amour and Shanti Oyarzabal

Scenic Design: Jesús Silva and Marco Rüdiger

Light Design:  Marco Rüdiger   

Photo: Berenice Ammann