Cityzens,are archetypes of urban life sculpted in copper, passing from immobility to a diverse range of slow movement, giving the landscape of the city a different perspective.

City-zens are ambassadors from other time, who wander through urban space, evoking in their route a series of city images which presence is indecipherable. Their dialogues are odd and baffling. Without telling any story, they leave multiple interrogations in their wake.

Cityzenshas been presented in different galas and street theatre festivals throughout Europe. Between 1999 and 2009, it was performed in Timisoara, Romania; Augsburg, Germany; Vlissingen, Holand; Gent, Belguim; Possgrunn, Norway; Valladolid, Spain.

Original Concept and Performance: Shanti Oyarzabal y Philippe Rives (