Azul is a performance and installation artwork, conceived for an open space, which theme is the dialogue between the human being's internal and external worlds.

It is composed of three elements: an air balloon, a man, and a circle of litter. The balloon symbolizes the internal world; the combination of impressions, desires, memories, and experiences that we all have inside us. The human being represents this world's inhabitant; eternal traveler of both time and space. Today's mankind is a producer of litter, living surrounded by it. Litter is part of everyday life, and humans can't detach from it.

Azulshows through corporeal and visual language, human beings daily interaction phenomenon with its environment, producing different images and associations in the spectator.

The color blue represents the path of uncertain, where the real transforms into imaginary.

In 2005, it was presented at MIMOS International Festival, in Perigeux, France; and at Kultur Forum Postdam, during the Museums Long Night, in Berlin, Germany. In 2009, it was performed at Angel Salas Square, in Centro Cultural del Bosque, Mexico City.

Original Concept: Shanti Oyarzabal and Dany Hernández

Performance: Shanti Oyarzabal

Video: Rosibel Gadea

Duration: 40 minutes